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Kouider Mokhtari, Ph.D.

Associate Vice president for Research Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Anderson-Vukelja-Wright Endowed Professor

Director, K-16 Literacy Center

Kouider Mokhtari is the Anderson-Vukelja-Wright Endowed Professor of literacy education at the University of Texas at Tyler, Texas, where he engages in research, teaching, and service initiatives aimed at advancing literacy instruction and increasing students' literacy achievement outcomes.

Kouider’s research focuses on the acquisition of language and literacy by first and second language learners, with particular emphasis on children, adolescents, and adults who can read but have difficulties understanding what they read. This research has been published in various literacy research and practice journals.

One of Kouider’s co-authored books, Preparing Every Teacher to Reach English Learner (Harvard Education Press), received the 2013 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Outstanding Book Award. Kouider was the recipient of the 2014 International Reading Association John C. Manning Public School Service Award.



Ohio University


Ohio University


Mohammed V University

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. (Applied Linguistics, Cognitive Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction, with Specialization in Reading)

Master of Arts, Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as Second Language (TESL)

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature


(903) 565-5561


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