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Nirmal Ghimire, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

School of Education

Associate Director,

K-16 Literacy Center

Nirmal Ghimire, completed a Ph.D. in Education [Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) Track] with a focus on Teacher Education.  He currently serves as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the College of Education and Psychology at the University of Texas at Tyler. He also serves as Associate Director of the K-16 Literacy Center, where he engages in research aimed at strengthening literacy instruction and improving students’ literacy achievement outcomes.

Nirmal is an educational sciences researcher with a strong interest in data science. He has a solid understanding of fundamentals of research design and statistical analyses having taken an array of basic and advanced research design and statistical analyses courses as a part of my doctoral degree (e.g., Monte Carlo Simulation Research in Education, Multilevel Data Analysis in Education, Latent Variable Modeling in Education). I have also completed additional courses aligned with my research interest and aspirations from MIT (e.g., Fundamentals of Statistics, Machine Learning with Python—From Linear Model to Deep Learning, and Probability—The Science of Uncertainty and Data), John Hopkins University (e.g., Data Science Specialization (10-Course Series)— through Coursera), and LinkedIn Learning (e.g., Master SQL for Data Science (6-Course Series).

His research focuses on achievement gap among K-12 students along the line of First and Second Language Literacy, Language Development, Teacher Education, and other socioeconomic variables. As a junior researcher, he has presented his research in many national, international forum and has published articles in aforementioned areas.


2016 - 2020

University of Central Florida

2014 - 2016

University of South Florida


Tribhuvan University

Ph.D. in Education (Teacher Education, Methodology Measurement and Analysis, Applied Linguistics) with Specialization in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL)

Master of Arts in Teaching (Incomplete*),  Secondary Education with Specialization in Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) 

Master of Arts (MA) in English, British and American Literature, Philosophy, and Applied Linguistics


2020 - Present

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2016 - 2020

John Hopkins University (Coursera)

2016 - 2020

LinkedIn Learning

Micromaster Program, Statistics and Data Science

Series of courses that help students master the foundations of data science, statistics, and machine learning, including excel techniques in modern data analysis to leverage big datasets; use python and R skillfully to analyze data. 

Data Science Specialization 

Series of courses that prepare students to ask the right questions, manipulate data sets, and create visualizations to communicate results. 

Master SQL for Data Science

Series of courses helping students to discover SQL knowledge necessary for data science projects; and construct and expand skill set optimized for data science work.


(903) 566-6272


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