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Betty Rose


Program Coordinator,

K-16 Literacy Center

"Yes, I am interested in the position," I answered Dr. Mokhtari, without knowing who he was or anything about the job description. I thought he was a nice man from the university who had come to pick up my book donation.


I was retired and hadn't written a children's book in ten years. I was tired of moving 600 books, from one place to another. I was tired of looking at them. The books were no longer of any use to me. Or, were they? 

I decided to trust my instincts and accept Dr. Mokhtari's offer, and I couldn't be happier being the Program Coordinator for the K-16 Literacy Center. I love working with the Born to Read program. It is such a rewarding experience to be able to help young families create an at home reading environment for their children. I love it when the little ones come to the Literacy Center to pick out their favorite books. Their smiling faces as they head for the bookshelf make it all worthwhile.

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