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Storytime Read-Aloud Videos

Listen in as some of our local authors read aloud for the Born to Read program at the K-16 Literacy Center, UT Tyler.

UT Tyler Professional Librarian, Vandy Dubre reads Lola at the Library, written by Anna McQuinn and Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshow. Lola at the Library is about a young girl who LOVES the library. Lola and her mom go every Tuesday. Lola even has her own library card! Born to Read recommends Lola at the Library because it shows young readers all the exciting things that can happen in their local Library. For more information about the Tyler Public Library click the icon below. 

Local author, Sharon Thayer, reads Wonderfully, Perfectly Unusual!, written by Sharon Thayer and illustrated by Reuben McHugh and Andrew Smith. Wonderfully, Perfectly Unusual! is a story about bullying. 

"In a far-off ocean lagoon, a loveable young shark who is Wonderfully, Perfectly Unusual! finds out how it feels to be different. From his mother's example, he learns how to baffle the bullies with pride and his head held high."

Born to Read recommends Wonderfully, Perfectly Unusual because it teaches young readers to embrace their differences and to always keep their heads up. 

Local author, Renee Goodwin, reads her Children's Picture Book GG Cleans House for Born to Read. GG Cleans House tells the story of a dog named GG who loves to help out when her owner, Mrs. Gee, cleans their house. GG believes in teamwork, and always wants to help! Born to Read recommends GG Cleans House because it teaches children about teamwork and helping others.


For more information about Renee Goodwin, please visit her website at 

Author, Marvin Mayer, reads his Children's Picture Book Ferdinand Frog's Flight for Born to Read. Ferdinand Frog's Flight is illustrated by Stephen Macquignon. Ferdinand Frog's Flight tells the story of a frog named Ferdinand who dreamt of flying like the birds. Eric the eagle takes Ferdinand on a soaring ride high up in the sky, and Ferdinand realizes his life as a frog isn't so bad. Born to Read recommends Ferdinand Frog's Flight because it teaches children to reach for their dreams and discover who they are destined to be. 

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